Writing articles for deccan herald

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A newsroom that values honesty, dedication and creativity

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K N Tilak Kumar. Director, Editor of Deccan Herald and Sudha. Tilak Kumar has nearly four decades of experience in the newspaper industry. Authors: Shweta Sharan; Putting holidays to good use Deccan Herald. With summer holidays in full swing, the city is seeing innumerable summer Title: Education Journalist (Freelance).

Hari Kumar is the former editor-in-chief of Deccan Herald, Prajavani, Sudha and Mayura and former chairman and managing director of The Printers Mysore, which he has been a part of since He is a journalist and writer with interests in history and economics. DH Deccan Herald brings Latest Trending Breaking News Coverage from Bangalore, Karnataka, India and World on Politics, Sports, Business, Karnataka Election & Results.

Start writing small articles on your own. It’s better to start a blog if you have to. Dedicate to writing most of your free time.

A newsroom that values honesty, dedication and creativity

If you’re a full time writer, better start writing all the time and focus on it. That’s the stage where you find the email of the editor of Deccan Herald and. Thanks to digital technology, writers are no longer at the mercy if traditional publishers.

Alan Finder reports on the pleasure and perils of self-publishing.

Writing articles for deccan herald
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