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Finance Execs Find XBRL Useless

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SEC requires companies to use XBRL

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XBRL guide for UK businesses

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Organized into two. Meeting Minutes (Final Version ) – XBRL Standard Business Reporting Working Group Meeting Minutes Page 3 of 10 4.

The XBRL Europe Standard Business Reporting Working Group aims to connect everyone in Europe working on the electronic filing, exchange, publishing and analysis of legal, financial and economical data of companies, for which XBRL is a relevant standard.

Fujitsu developed the SBR XBRL Processor at the request of the Australian Government's Standard Business Reporting (SBR) program. Our solution helps the finance sector to minimise the risks and costs associated with the transition to SBR and SuperStream by eliminating the need for significant XBRL.

Quentin Rd Brooklyn, NY t. [email protected] CPAs are facing unprecedented changes in financial reporting. Economic, regulatory, and global forces are demanding higher-quality reporting while standards are in continual flux. While the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) is proposing significant changes to U.S.

generally accepted.

Standard business reporting xbrl jobs
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